Oxford Handbook Digital Technology & Society

The Oxford Handbook of Digital Technology and Society
Edited by Simeon J. Yates and Ronald E. Rice

This book is a guide into the increasingly interconnected domains of digital technology and society. It presents extensive reviews into several domains affected by digital technology and media, such as health, politics, and interpersonal relationships, which are developed from the findings of the “Ways of Being in a Digital Age” project commissioned by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The book includes interdisciplinary, comprehensive reviews on central aspects of the current digital age. Aside from a look into the methodology of the ESRC project, the book contains chapters discussing individual and relational domains to more organizational, community, and citizenship domains, and then to more societal and governance domains. The chapters within each section provide a solid foundation for understanding the current state of research and theory in each of these areas, and for grounding future research, theory, and practice. They also bring to bear literature from a wide variety of disciplines, necessary for understanding the interrelationships between digital technology and society.

Keywords: digital technology, digital age, ESRC, Economic and Social Research Council, interdisciplinary research, society

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Print Publication Date: Aug 2020
ISBN: 9780190932596
Published online: Aug 2020
DOI: 10.1093/oxfordhb/9780190932596.001.0001

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1 Introduction to the Oxford Handbook of Digital Technology and Society: Terms, Domains, and Themes Ronald E. Rice, Simeon J. Yates, and Jordana Blejmar
2 ESRC Review: Methodology Simeon J. Yates, Iona C. Hine, Michael Pidd, Jerome Fuselier, and Paul Watry

Health, Age, and Home
3 ESRC Review: Health and Well-Being Simeon J. Yates, Leanne Townsend, Monica Whitty, Ronald E. Rice, and Elinor Carmi
4 Computer-Mediated Communication and Mental Health: A Computational Scoping Review of an Interdisciplinary Field Adrian Meier, Emese Domahidi, and Elisabeth Günther
5 Digital Inclusion and Women’s Health and Well-Being in Rural Communities Sharon Wagg, Louise Cooke, and Boyka Simeonova
6 Digital Technology for Older People: A Review of Recent Research Helen Petrie and Jenny S. Darzentas
7 A Digital Nexus: Sustainable HCI and Domestic Resource Consumption Nicola Green, Rob Comber, and Sharron Kuznesof

Communication and Relationships
8 ESRC Review: Communication and Relationships Simeon J. Yates, Rich Ling, Laura Robinson, Catherine Brooks, Adam Joinson, Monica Whitty, and Elinor Carmi
9 Media Mastery by College Students: A Typology and Review Ronald E. Rice, Nicole Zamanzadeh, and Ingunn Hagen
10 Boundary Management and Communication Technologies Marta E. Cecchinato and Anna L. Cox

Organizational Contexts
11 ESRC Review: Economy and Organizations Simeon J. Yates, Paul Hepburn, Ronald E. Rice, Bridgette Wessels, and Elinor Carmi
12 The Changing Nature of Knowledge and Service Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines Crispin Coombs, Donald Hislop, Stanimira Taneva, and Sarah Barnard
13 Workplace “Digital Culture” and the Uptake of Digital Solutions: Personal and Organizational Factors Simeon J. Yates and Eleanor Lockley

Communities, Identities, and Class
14 ESRC Review: Communities and Identities Simeon J. Yates, Jordana Blejmar, Bridgette Wessels, and Claire Taylor
15 Digital Engagement and Class: Economic, Social, and Cultural Capital in a Digital Age Simeon J. Yates and Eleanor Lockley

Citizenship, Politics, and Participation
16 ESCR Review: Citizenship and Politics Simeon J. Yates, Bridgette Wessels, Paul Hepburn, Alexander Frame, and Vishanth Weerakkody
17 Digital Ecology of Free Speech: Authenticity, Identity, and Self-Censorship Yenn Lee and Alison Scott-Baumann

Data, Representation, and Sharing
18 ESRC Review: Data and Representation Simeon J. Yates, Liz Robson, Ronald E. Rice, and Elinor Carmi
19 Digital Citizenship in the Age of Datafication Arne Hintz
20 Digitizing Cultural Complexity: Representing Rich Cultural Data in a Big Data Environment Georgina Nugent-Folan and Jennifer Edmond
21 Motivations for Online Knowledge Sharing Kristin Page Hocevar, Audrey N. Abeyta, and Ronald E. Rice

Governance and Accountability
22 ESCR Review: Governance and Security Simeon J. Yates, Gerwyn Jones, William H. Dutton, and Elinor Carmi
23 Governance and Accountability in Internet of Things (IoT) Networks Naomi Jacobs, Peter Edwards, Caitlin D. Cottrill, and Karen Salt

24 ESRC Review: Future Research on the Social, Organizational, and Personal Impacts of Automation: Findings from Two Expert Panels Simeon J. Yates and Jordana Blejmar
25 Conclusion: Cross-Cutting, Unique, and General Themes in the Oxford Handbook of Digital Technology and Society Ronald E. Rice, Simeon J. Yates, and Jordana Blejmar

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