C25. Rice, R.E. & Webster, J. (2002). Adoption, diffusion and use of new media in organizational settings. In C. Lin & D. Atkin (Eds.), Communication technology and society (pp. 191-227). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

This chapter reviews the forms of, and influences on, the diffusion, adoption and uses of computer-mediated communication in organizational settings. It first outlines various literature sources, levels and types of adopters, types of adoption and reinvention, and types of usage when considering new organizational media. It then summarizes a range of trade and professional surveys on the adoption and use of several new and emerging media. Next, it draws on multiple theoretical perspectives to outline a variety of individual, task, contextual, media, social, organizational, and external influences on media adoption, diffusion, and use. The chapter concludes by presenting a comprehensive framework to guide future research.

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